Past Projects and Work
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Parsons Boot camp Code, Design and Web

2001 January-May Work:: Fuqua School Of Business web content specialist. Used Dreamweaver and version control software. Not so much design control, but lots of project management, meetings, and content management. Sculpture Show date, postcard, pictures

2000- Work:: Shrapnel Games. I have worked as a artist and animator for several projects with Shrapnel Games, and Tim Brooks. This has never amounted to a full time job, but it has been fun.

Projects, whatnot
Space Empires IV
Combat Command: Danger Forward
101 Airborne Remote Assault

1999-2000 Work:: Animator LIPSinc. This was my first full time Animation job, and was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, LIPSinc was a Dot-Com Wannabe, and I lost my job all the dot coms tanked out. (I'm fairly sure that I was the first one to go.)

Examples & Specific tasks

1815 Battle of Waterloo

1997-1998 School:: School For Communications Arts. I attended this technical school to learn 3D Studio Max, and attempt to change careers.

1995-2000 Art:: Student/Assistant/Instructor Vaguel Sculpture Studio, Durham NC. I studied with Martine Vaguel for several years, off and on, and learned a lot about art.

1993 1998 Work :: IBM - not much to say - Technical Support on the phone, AOL, Prodigy, CompuServe, and on WWW forums. Work included Email, chartrooms, message boards, paper letters, and phone calls. In each case, questions about IBM ThinkPad and other computers, as well as software and operating systems were answered.

1987-1991 School :: UNCG Double major in art and History. (BFA and BA) This left me totally unemployable.

Prehistory:: I grew up (fulfilled the chronological requirements at any rate) in Boone NC. My interests were: History Military Miniatures, reading, walking in the woods, and several other forms of escapism, most notably - daydreaming.